Sarfe Unlu, Lezzetiyle Ünlü.
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Sarfe Unlu Mamülleri
April 2024


Our sector mission is to blend the hygiene and care of conventional manual production with industrial production in producing baklava, pastry and bakery group as well as all varieties of baked products which constitute a classical heritage of Turkish culture and to provide continuity without compromising high-quality, performance and trust through a strong logistics network.


To make future better than today, we aim to get into foreign markets initially through export with our innovative works in baked products sector in Turkey, then to establish a company and grow in the foreign markets, and to become a brand as well as an employment source that could last for generations to come by carrying our success in baked products to the global arena.


Our baked product journey which started nearly thirty years ago continues with Sarfe Unlu. We brought together home-made care, taste of the foods our mothers prepared, food security and quality system conformity under this roof with wholesales and we continue in our path. We specified the objective of our firm as keeping customer satisfaction at highest levels by making our brand stronger with our current customers and you, our prospective customers, and providing sustainability in serving with full capacity in wholesales sector. Business solutions partnerships provided to and conducted with our domestic and foreign corporate customers are getting increasingly stronger every day through interactive operations. We are in the process of establishing companies in Dubai and England alongside of our active exportation to Middle Eastern countries, Ireland, Saudi Arabia and many other countries. This much progress in a relatively short time was made possible through good management of relationships with our business partners. What differentiates us from others - and what makes our job so pleasurable for us - is continuously improving ourselves as well as carving a different path in the sector by integrating past sector experience in such a way as to meet today's energy demands and needs along with engaging in innovative works and R&D efforts with our youthful team who contribute in keeping baked products sector dynamic. Come and meet us to experience classical Turkish tastes, revised with today's gourmets in mind. You can request all kinds of standard baked products wholesale in cooked, uncooked and frozen forms, or tailored products made especially for you; and we will produce and ship across Turkey!